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As we continue charging through the year 2006 ,let us explore the thoughts, priorities and plans of our new President Sandra Liechty and President Elect Bud Pierce.

Q - Do you have any special goals or dreams that you hope to accomplish in SNHRA in the forthcoming year?

Sandra- My focus will be to focus more closely on the principles of serving and advancing the human resource profession. We will work to protect the interest of our members as well as our professional integrity and we will not engage in activities that may create an apparent or potential conflict of interest. We will set the standard and be an example to others.


Bud- My first goal is for membership growth with the HR community. While our vendors are welcome members, I'd like to see an increase percentage of HR professionals in SNHRA. Secondly, to emphasize national membership in SHRM to our SNHRA members. The benefits of SHRM membership are endless and I feel our HR folks who are local members only are really missing out on a tremendous resource by not belonging to SHRM. Third, participation in SNHRA on committees, at monthly meetings, mixers, you name it. Particularly with SNHRA hosting the national conference in 2007, we need to build an active membership this year to carry over in to hosting the national conference next year.

Q- In light of our recent Diversity Awards Luncheon and the heated news discussions this past holiday season regarding holiday greetings, what is your feeling about the political correctness of saying Merry Christmas in the business environment?

As a Christian I say Merry Christmas. However as a working professional I respect that not everyone has the same religious beliefs that I do and I honor their diversity.

Bud- While there was a lot of media coverage on this topic this [past] year and people pushing for the "Merry Christmas" greeting, I still feel that in a business environment the appropriate terms to use are "Happy Holidays" and 'Season Greetings". Particularly in a work environment as diverse as our Library District, we have a number of staff who celebrate Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza and we are very careful to talk about "the Holidays" and to plan "Holiday" parties. I feel free to say "Merry Christmas" to people I now who celebrate that Holiday, just as I feel free to say "Happy Chanukah" to people who celebrate that Holiday. All in all, I believe the more inclusive holiday greetings are appropriate in a business environment.

Q- What do you think of the idea to have a monthly drawing, the prize of being able to do a 60 second commercial about your company in a future monthly meeting?


Sandra- I personally dislike the idea of a sixty second commercial because our membership is already being bombarded. The association already has the proper channels for this type of approach.


Bud- If we could actually keep the winner to 60 seconds, it would probably be a neat thing to do!





Announcing Best Places to Work 2006


The Southern Nevada Human Resource Association is proud to announce its renewed partnership with In Business Las Vegas to host the annual Best Places to Work Awards luncheon.

The 2005 Best Places to Work Awards Luncheon was a big success. We searched for outstanding workplaces throughout Southern Nevada and an extraordinary number of companies were nominated by their employees, vendors, or members of the community.

We expect the 2006 Best Places to Work Awards event to be even better. We’re all busy behind the scenes making this the best year ever for those companies who deserve this special recognition for providing high quality work environments to our local community.

In Business Las Vegas has begun accepting event sponsorships and advertising spots and will be calling upon our local business community to seek support for this event, and the SNHRA is now accepting nomination forms. No more than one nomination per company will be accepted.

Both the nomination and application forms can be accessed online here. We have changed the format this year and will only be accepting electronic nomination and application forms. Additionally, to keep the winners a true surprise, we are asking that all companies submit up to 3 (three) electronic pictures that most closely represents their human resource practices.

Sandra Liechty / Bud Pierce



Congratulations to our 2006 Diversity Award Winners:


Priority Networks, Inc.


Nevada Federal Credit Union


Enterprise Rent-a-Car


Station Casinos


Opportunity Village, ARC, Inc.


City of Las Vegas

Our Celebrating Diversity Luncheon, held on February 7, 2006, was a smashing success! With over 300 in attendance, and over 22 nominated companies.





First Name Last Name Company Name
Cindy Allison New Frontier
Brenda Bolton Tehama
Tabula Bost Harrah's
Alan Bourassa Custom Benefit Consultants, Inc.
Barbara Britt Rolls-Royce
Connie Carville Harrah's
Carmen Castillo Wow Card Services
Adriana Clemmer  
Timi Curry All Star Aggregate
Marilyn Goforth Kolesar & Latham, Chtd.
Ellen Harness Mercer Health and Benefits
Joyce Hogg  
Kara Hughes Martin Harris Construction
Nicole Jones-Gyllstrom Mercer Health and Benefits
Rosa Malespin Primm Resorts
Robyn Meixell  
Susan Mitchell EG&G
Linda Moncrief freeSanity Business Publication
Beverly Morrell  
Deanna Overstreet  
Sylvia Rico  
Harry Rubin  
Barbara Saunders  
Mary Jo Scott  
Michelle Shapiro Lifesigns
Denise Simms United Blood Services
Anthony Stavros Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Stacey Stith EG&G
Jan Thomson, MS, CEAP Mines and Associates
Susan Vicchairelli City of Henderson
Kareema White Shufflemaster
Mary Beth Wilkie Ford Motor Credit Co.
Christine Wunderlin Wunderlin Consulting/Kayenta Behavioral Health
Rachael Zaffuto CHSI of Nevada





Legal updates, excerpts and links from

On-the-job sexual assault may or may not be covered by workers' comp
By Margaret M. Clark, March 2006
Workplace sexual assault of an employee is immune from private suit if the nature of the employment contributed to or increased the risk of it, but not when the matter was imported into the workplace from the injured employee's private or domestic life.  >>>read on

Nevada holds line on unemployment taxes; legislature in interim period
By Margaret M. Clark
The 2006 unemployment tax rate for Nevada employers will remain at the average 1.38 percent that was effective during 2005.  >>>read on

Federal Circuit Court Rulings:
Vacation trust contributions do not count toward pension credits

By Thomas R. Revnew
Contributions that were made to a vacation trust fund for the laborers’ union do not count toward service credits to the pension fund.  >>>read on




Questions asked at a local staffing company:

1. This ID isn't legal but we you can still use it? Right?
( Ah! No! Unless you want a free trip to South of the Border)

2. Can you ask the employer if he could throw in a few extra smoking breaks for me? I am really more effective that way!

3. I realize this is a clerical position but I need to know that it is ok for me to sing at work. I love Opera but my co-workers complained at my last job!

Here are some real resume Quotes from the July 21,1997 issue of Fortune Magazine:

"You will want me to be Head Honcho in no time"

"I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse"

"Personal Interest: donating blood. Fourteen gallons so far"

"The company made me a scapegoat, just like my three previous employers."

"References:none. I"ve left a path of destruction behind me."

And finally I will share a final one that I am sure our Legal Advisor Patrick Hicks will enjoy:  "Failed bar exam with relatively high grades."

That's All for this week Folks!!!!!! Send any funny observations or HR relevant humor to Thank you!





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