July 2, 2010

SNHRA & Social Networking: Married at Last!


SNHRA is proud to announce that we have created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for our Members and Guests to stay better connected to the Association and to each other.


We have been asked by many of our members to increase our information and contact methods beyond email and snhra.org. We listened, and now we have created two social media outlets. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts will be providing updated information about upcoming events, SNHRA news, and, most importantly, postings and "tweets" regarding up-to-the-minute HR news and bulletins you would not want to miss!


For those of you new to Twitter and/or Facebook, we will detail how you can become our "Fan" on Facebook and "Follow Us" on Twitter below.


To become a "Fan" of SNHRA on Facebook, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log Into your Facebook account. If you don't have an account, sign-up for free here.
  2. Click Here to visit our Facebook page
  3. Click the "Like" Button Next to our name (see the red highlight in the screen shot below)


To Follow SNHRA on Twitter, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log Into your Twitter account, or create one for free here.
  2. Follow the link here to SNHRA's Twitter Page (www.twitter.com/snhralv)
  3. Click the "Follow" button located under our logo/name (highlit in red in the screenshot below)

You can also set your Twitter account to send updates to your mobile phone (this is a great feature for breaking HR News, Bulletins and Announcements).


To set-up the text messaging function, complete the above steps (1-3) first, then continue with the following:

  1. Click the "Settings" button at the top of your page
  2. Select the "Mobile" tab on the "Settings" page
  3. Enter your phone number with area code into the box and click "Verify"
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone
  5. Again visit our Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/snhralv
  6. Next to the "Following" text on the SNHRA Twitter page, click the "Updates to Mobile Phone" button. Note: The button will turn green, which lets you know you are going to receive our "Tweets" from SNHRA via text messaging.

STANDARD TEXT MESSAGING RATES APPLY (Twitter does not charge for this service...It's based on your cell phone plan.)


SNHRA's Twitter account will be used to inform you of website updates, upcoming meetings, events, important HR News and more.






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