December 28, 2010

SNHRA New Membership Options


The Holiday Season is a busy time for all of us. We wanted to stop and take a moment to wish our valued Members and Guests a Happy Holiday Season,and take this opportunity to share some exciting new membership news with you.


A large majority of our membership accounts are scheduled for renewal December through March. After receiving feedback from our members, we have decided to make some positive changes to our membership options and pricing in time for renewal season.


If you haven't joined SNHRA or haven't renewed your membership in a while,
now's a good time!


Please read carefully as some of these changes may affect the type of
membership you choose.


Our previous SNHRA Individual Memberships of $140.00 (Local Members) and
$100.00 (National Members) will now become our Professional Individual
option at a base price of $100.00 per year with the option to
add prepaid meetings.  This membership plan is for Human Resource
Professionals only. (More information about adding prepaid meetings below)


We have added two new membership plans with new benefits for our Business
Partners. Both of these membership options are for Members who market or
sell products/services to Human Resources.


The Business Partner Basic Membership includes one membership, plus the
following additional marketing opportunities: Your business/organization
name in a scrolling list/graphic on the home page of SNHRA plus the
ability to place your materials at the prominent business partner table
at regular monthly meetings.


The Business Partner Enhanced Membership includes one membership, plus the following additional marketing opportunities: Your Business Logo/Name in a
tile ad on the SNHRA homepage with contact information and/or a link to
your website, plus the ability to place your materials at the prominent
business partner table at regular monthly meetings.


We are offering a limited time promotional rate on both of our Business
Partner membership plans. The Business Partner Basic membership (normally
$250.00) is available for $175.00 per year, while our Business Partner
Enhanced membership (normally $500.00) is available for $425.00 per year.


Corporate Memberships have also been simplified.  The corporate membership
plans allow organizations to purchase transferrable memberships for
multiple Human Resources Professionals at the same time.  Our Corporate
memberships are now available in two options: Corporate with 1-5
Memberships ($250.00 per year) or Corporate with 6-10 Memberships ($500.00
per year).  Pre-paid meetings can also be added for $207 per employee for
the number of employees for whom you¹d like to pre-pay.


Our final membership plan is the Student Membership, which remains at
$50.00 per year.  This membership is for full-time students enrolled in
Human Resources studies (or directly related area) at an accredited
school. These memberships are subject to approval and verification.


As we've mentioned, you can add Prepaid Meetings for the year to any
membership plan for an additional $207.00, which covers the meeting/meal
fee for our 9 Regular meetings in 2011 [special events like our seminars,
mixers, business partner fairs, Best Places to Work in Southern Nevada
(sm)and Diversity are not included].  You will be asked if you would like
to add prepaid meetings to your account after selecting your membership
option on the first Join/Renew screen.


We are excited to greet the New Year with these new membership plans
created for our Members, by our Members.  We promise to continue to work
hard to ensure that 2011 continues the great programs, seminars and events
that have made SNHRA an award-winning affiliate of SHRM.  And remember,
the SHRM National Conference is coming to Las Vegas June 2011.  We have
exciting volunteer opportunities that can provide our volunteers a free
full conference registration for working only 3 shifts!  See the banner ad
atop's home page for more details!




A. If you are a current (non-expired) Member and are renewing before
account expiration (we hope so!), follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click "Join/Renew" (top link buttons) and click on the "click here"
    link in the bottom paragraph to renew
  3. Choose your membership option and click "Continue"
  4. Add Pre-paid Regular Meetings (if you wish) and click "Continue"
  5. Complete the checkout process and your account will be updated with
    your new membership information

B. If your membership has already expired and you would like to renew:

Follow the same steps above, except Step 2 changes to:

  • 2. Click on "Member Area" (top link buttons) and click on the link
    "Upgrade to Membership" at the bottom of your account links.

Remember, your SHRM (National) membership is separate from your SNHRA
membership and can be renewed at  Although we highly encourage
our Local Members to be National Members, it is not a requirement for
joining SNHRA.




If you have a Non-Member Guest Account with SNHRA (you've RSVP'd for a
meeting in the past 2 years or were previously a Member during that
period), simply sign-in and follow (B) above.


If you're brand-new to, then simply click on the top
"Join/Renew" link to start the process!  It's that easy!!!


If you've already renewed and would like to change/upgrade your membership
option, please email us at and we can process your change
manually, or call us at 702 362 0388.


Thank you, and Happy New Year!

SNHRA Administration




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